Friday, October 4, 2013

Hosting Isabella {Day 3: Pike Place to the Narrows Bridge}

Seattle street performers with their disturbing doll
Continued from Day 2: Snowy Peaks

Had the sky cleared, Isabella's 1 day visit to Seattle would have been longer, and higher.  But due to low and plenteous clouds, we nixed the Space Needle and spent a lunch hour together with Sean at the Pike Place Market.  Delicious grilled salmon sandwiches on fresh baguettes were worth a heck of a wait, and the boys found gooey treats to wrap things up before we wandered back to our car.

Joseph, Tim, Isabella and Sean overlooking Seattle waterfront scene and sports stadiums.
From above the Viaduct, a glimpse of the Seattle sky line and the Puget Sound beyond gave Isabella incentive to plan another (longer) trip to the Emerald City someday.

Bridget and Isabella (girls only this time)

Sean bought fresh donuts to take home to the family... Yay!

A new item on my kitchen wish list!

Caught filming for ESPN's 'Game Day' at Pike Place Market

Our adventure to points South continued, through some unfriendly traffic in Fife and on through I5 Tacoma to Highway 16 and over the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.  On this special day, the very last day of my dad's self employment as a GYN doctor, we headed to his office to be present as he locked up the practice and retreated victoriously into retirement.  What a great way for Isabella to be a part of our family history, and to represent her family on my dad's big day!

Crossing the Tacoma Narrows Bridge
One old Narrows Bridge, one new Narrows Bridge
The Stork's Retirement and Day 4 follows.

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