Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Home School for One {Year 15}

As Senior Patrol Leader, Joseph chairs the monthly PLC planning meeting for Troop 3.
It's all about Joe ~ he's our solo student in this, our 15th year of schooling at home.  Joseph's sophomore year in high school (at home) includes courses in logic, Latin II, anatomy & physiology, religion, writing, Great Books Discussions (Rome year), algebra II, and others.  Three of these are taken online with Memoria Press and Angelicum Academy, which gives him the benefit of following a syllabus with formal due dates, outside grading and required participation in (live) classes.

Joseph recently completed three weighty 'Eagle Required' Merit Badges, which rounded out all the necessary requirements for his Eagle Scout Rank.  With his project complete, his merit badges signed off, and his service hours and leadership position fulfilled, he stands ready for the Scoutmaster Conference.  Shortly following the conference, assuming all goes well, his completed application will be submitted to the local BSA office and before too long, Joseph will be called in for his Eagle Board of Review with the district's Eagle Review Board.
Licensed pilot with a pilot in training at Bellingham International Airport
In addition to the standard academic fare, Joseph keeps active with regular off road excursions on his new mountain bike on the matrix of Galbraith Mountain trails.  I'm sure he misses his biking buddy now that Peter attends high school seminary, but still he rides.  Early morning training runs and sets of stairs with Tim several days a week flush out the regular PE program, and Joseph intends to be fit and ready for the early morning stairs climbing challenges once varsity swimming begins in November.
Look up in the sky!  Joseph co-pilots over Bellingham as a Young Eagle participant.
Other extra curricular activities this fall include an introduction to pilot training, big game and water fowl hunting, and sports appreciation (watching televised football games with Tim).  In the near future, Joseph will begin serving Low Mass in the Extraordinary Form (Latin Mass) which he has eagerly anticipated following his formal training sessions (which ended last spring on the very day of his confirmation).  Joseph's cassock (birthday wish fulfilled) hangs in his closet, ready for action.  As a regular at the teen Bible study offered bi-weekly at our local parish, Joseph will help build up our Christian community in the Word of God and virtuous friendships. 

And last but actually first, we continue our regular participation in the sacramental life of the Church, including serving at daily Masses and volunteering as needed elsewhere.  Let us not forget that 'grace builds upon nature', as our dear old priest used to say.  How incredibly blessed I am to be able to stay home and teach my kid(s).

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