Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pre-Departure {Peter + High School Seminary}

Peter teaches Joseph how to pray the Liturgy of the Hours

The final days before Peter departed to attend high school seminary in BC were slammed with fun and friends, and a few big packing errands and adventures.  And lots of prayers.

Racing around a salty pool on the shores of Puget Sound, Peter attempts to best his older brother.
A few days before the start of school, Peter discovered his bunk and desk assignments on a mission to Mission.

The shopping list for Grade 8 included roller hockey gear, which isn't as easy to find here in the States as it is in Canada, so a trip up north for gear shopping was a must.  Years ago we were experts at fitting hockey helmets, but it took us quite some time to find the right helmet for Peter.  Sticks and pads were much easier to select, and the seminary's attic also offered a few key pieces of hand-me-down gear to alleviate the budgetary output.

Enjoying the beach and catching dinner; Peter's Uncle/Godfather and family of expert crabbers visited us on his final weekend at home.

Peter's years in Boy Scouts certainly helped him to 'be prepared' for this big departure, and with only a little assistance he prepared all his belongings and packed for school.

Arranging for his dog's nail trimming by the family vets, Peter prepared to leave Rocky.

Knowing that altar serving has played a key role in Peter's home schooling and faith formation, our local priest, Father Altenhofen, offered Peter the role of thurifer for the Holy Mass offered on the Feast of Saint Gregory the Great; Peter's last day at home.  For the first time in who-knows-how-many-years, incense was used during the consecration. Peter considered it a great honor to assist on such an historic occasion in the life of our local parish, and many people promised him prayers as the news of his departure became known in the community.

On the Feast of St. Gregory the Great, Peter served daily Mass on the day before departure.
Enoch, Peter, Jonah, Judah, and David together after Mass at Sacred Heart.

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