Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Life Rank + New Life {Peter Steps Up}

Peter awaits his Board of Review following his successful Scoutmaster Conference for LIFE Rank.
For our third son, Peter, the question wasn't IF he would earn his Life Rank in BSA, but rather, when.  As he recently stated, "I've wanted to be an Eagle Scout since I was three years old."
Senior Patrol Leader and Scoutmaster, father and son combination
Another goal reached: Peter passed the formal conferences, and having successfully completed every requirement, including a stack of merit badges, he earned the second highest rank in Boy Scouts: Life.  His dedication, spunk and Scout spirit are a delight to behold, and we are delighted to celebrate this milestone his his life; one of a few major milestones for Peter (and our family) this week.
Senior Patrol Leader and older brother, Joseph awards Peter his LIFE badge of rank as Scoutmaster/dad looks on.
Judah and Peter, celebrating LIFE Rank
Before his mission trip to Zambia, Judah B. also passed from Star to Life Rank, but the badge award awaited his return and so coincided with Peter's.  Judah has also set his sights on earning the highest rank in BSA, and will endeavor to complete the requirements and persevere.
Troop 3 leaders at the Patrol Leaders' Council meeting; over half of these are Life Scouts, reaching for Eagle.
Our boys are blessed by the support of such a fantastic troop, and the leadership training and experience inherent in the good 'old' BSA.  Peter's years in Troop 3 will be remembered with fondness and great joy...

...and now he's prepared for his next grand adventure: entering grade 8 studies at Christ the King Seminary in British Colombia, Canada.

God Speed, son, we love you dearly, and you will be dearly missed by many!

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