Saturday, April 27, 2013

Day 2 of My Eagle Project (guest writer)

Okay, I lied. The much anticipated second post is coming out not an hour after I said it would be tomorrow.
As one can see, I do not like stopping to have my picture taken.
Putting up the second boot shelf
Cutting wood for the boot shelves
The completed shelves. The two narrow boards attached to the shelf (in the right of the picture) are to keep the boots from falling off the shelves.

Judah and me in front of the shelves

 The main activity of day 2 was  putting up shelves for the leather boots. We first measured 15 inches from the concrete floor and then put up the first bracket. Next a 2x6x10 board was put on the bracket and the usual process of making the board level was undertaken. once the board was level we put the second and third brackets up. Two 46 inch boards were cut and drilled into the wall below the 2x6x10, and then the 2x6x10 was drilled into them. Then a second 2x6x10 was attached to the bracket. We repeated this process for the other three shelves. The second and third shelves had to be taken down after the fourth was nearly complete because they weren't level. After all this was complete, we started building the shelves for the rubber boots. The three of them were built in the same manner as the other shelves.

The shelf for drink mix and such things is put up.
 Underneath this shelf we put a coat rack. To put this shelf up we screwed two boards into the studs and then used Grandpa's impact driller to place the shelf on the wall.
Enoch, me, Judah and Grandpa Cliff after a good day of work.
 I would like to especially thank Grandpa for the expert help he gave me on this project.

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