Thursday, June 20, 2013

Unlock Your Life

Deliver us from evil

About a year ago, I ordered Neal Lozano's Unbound at, but it never arrived and I lost $1 plus shipping in the failed transaction.   I placed a second order and finally owned my own copy by late July 2012.  With the chaos of preparing for Zachary's 18th birthday and Eagle Court of Honor, and subsequent family drive to and from Notre Dame, I shelved the book as a 'must read soon.'  In what was labeled "a classic Bridget move," rather than read it myself, I passed it off on Tim, who completed it in fairly short order.

Again the book gathered dust, almost picked up when Father Straz mentioned Unbound as a must-read and highly recommended I set aside a weekend (many months in the future) to attend a local conference being given by the author. 

Flash forward a few more months, and you'll find me recommending Lozano's book, still unread, to a dear friend. She mentioned her Presbyterian pastor's suggestion to put on 'spiritual armor' when embarking into jail ministry, and Unbound popped into my head, so I offered to loan her my copy.  When she found out I hadn't read it yet, she was reluctant to take it.  I told her that the author would be presenting at a local conference soon, and encouraged her to read it in the event that the two of us might attend the workshops together.

Within a matter of days, she returned the book with a short note tucked inside "Thanks ~ loved the book!"  She found the material so enlightening and intriguing that she made plans to attend not only the conference, but the 2 day pre-conference training as well.  Talk about a kick in the pants, I finally picked up the book myself and began to read it. From the first few pages of the introduction I was captivated with the concepts put forth and found it difficult to put down.
We are set free from the devil's influence when we pray, read the Bible, participate in church services or receive sacraments.  Deliverance is not a one-time event but an ongoing and normal part of the Christian life. ~ Unbound, p13
Together with two friends, I attended the conference 'Finding Freedom in Christ', as well as the 2-day pre-conference training in Unbound Ministry.  I picked up (and read) a copy of Lozano's Resisting the Devil: A Catholic Perspective on Deliverance and Unbound Ministry Guidebook.  Very infrequently do I post a book recommendation, but I am convinced that reading Unbound has the potential to positively and dramatically change someone's life forever (into eternity).  My advice: read it, learn how to pray for healing, share the message, and reap eternal benefits.

  • Check out Father Jim Northrop's 11 minute sermon on the life-changing power of deliverance prayer taught in Unbound: Getting Free From Sin
  • Visit: for Unbound resources and testimonies.

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