Sunday, June 9, 2013

Backpacking Adventure {North Cascades}

Peter, Tim, Joseph and Zachary at departure, ready for the 9 mile trek to camp
Our family's outdoor adventures often intersect with troop trips, and this weekend's trek along the shores of Baker Lake was no exception.  This particular backpacking route finds its way onto the annual must-do list most years, but this was the first year that our whole family made the trip all together.  Our boys and Tim took the long route to camp (9 miles) with a group of Scouts and dads, and I shuttled the Baker's Dozen 15 passenger van to the south end of the trail and hiked the 4 mile trek with the younger set. 
Tim and me along the shores of Anderson Creek
Ice cold creeks and the chilly Baker Lake provided for our drinking water, recreation, and therapy for sore feet.  We could not see the glorious Mount Baker on this trip due to cloud cover, but the weather was perfect for camping.  Swimming weather?  Depends on whom you ask.
Two cooks at supper time

Camp life on the shores of Baker Lake
Old School Scouting

Peter prepares for a very cold swim in Baker Lake.
Joseph secures his hammock on the trunk of an old growth cedar tree.

Bragging rights
Fire building always makes it to the very top of the to-do list at our Boy Scout camp-outs, and this was certainly no exception.  At one point in the afternoon of day one, there were four fires burning with various levels of success simultaneously.  The grand finale came after dinner when the successful hunt for dry wood fueled a giant tee-pee style fire along the shoreline.  Years of dreaming and plotting for a floating fire were finally realized, and the spectacle at dusk drew a crowd of onlookers from the adjoining campsites at Maple Grove.

A dream come true~the boys finally secured adult permission to launch a floating fire onto the lake.
Floating fire at sundown on Baker Lake
Hiking out on day 2, the boys doubled back to offer assistance with our packs.
The boys' physical strength, endurance and super competitive natures means that the hiking pace they prefer often leaves us in the dust.  However, after completing the hike out on day two, they doubled back in comfy shoes and offered to haul our packs for us on the final stretch of the trail. Sherpa service on the mountain trails ~ doesn't get much better than this!

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