Monday, June 10, 2013

Pity the Home Schooled

Joseph whittles away at camp
Following our Sunday afternoon return from backpacking, we worshiped with the lively Newman Catholic Campus Ministry crowd at their Sunday evening Mass at Western Washington University.  Our pastor, Father Altenhofen, chaplain, completed his first school year with NCCM at last night's Mass.  Father preached boldly, encouraging his flock to depart from campus with great missionary zeal into whichever parish community they land ~ whether on summer break or as graduates.  He exhorted them to take their flame of faith and keep it burning brightly to help build up the fires of faith in their homes and workplaces.  He reminded us that the message of the Gospel, the whole Truth, will be contradicted at every turn, especially in the so-very-secular Pacific Northwest, and rallied the troops to be a voice for Jesus in every situation.

One of these boys attended the camp-out despite great fear of the unknown and anxiety over the physical challenges.
After Mass, the 20+ graduates lined up to speak to the congregation.  After a brief introduction stating their name and degree, each one shared what their 'next step' would be and offered words of wisdom.  With great clarity and conviction, these young Christians inspired us with their wisdom:
  • take your prayer time very seriously
  • grow more in love with Jesus every day by scripture reading and prayer
  • reach out in love to everyone you meet; the depth of loneliness on campus is appalling 
  • be true to who you are and how God is calling you to serve Him
  • play to your strengths ~ they are God given and meant to help you fulfill your unique mission
  • stay close to the sacraments, stay grounded in prayer and connected to a faith-filled community
  • don't let fear and anxiety control you ~ these are not from God
Zac on water duty at the lakeside
This morning one of our boys joined an off-season early morning work-out, and the topic of the weekend's mountainous adventure came up with one of his teammates, who replied:
"Is that how you poor home schoolers have to spend your weekends?  The rest of us are using drugs and partying!"

Pity the home schooled. 
Peter leads the charge for firewood retrieval as fire building forces gather.
A Scout is brave.

A Scout is cheerful.

Joseph seeks old growth support for his hammock.

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