Saturday, June 29, 2013

Steep Learning Curve

Heading out on a training hike in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness Enchantments Area

Thriving and surviving on a 50 mile, 3-mountain pass backpacking trip in August is a goal that each member of our family hopes to achieve.  Tim and I agreed to lead a Scout crew over the Cross to Ross trek, along with our boys and several Scout friends.  For Zachary, this adventure has met once with a successful crossing, and once with a successful turning back due to unfavorable and dangerous conditions.
Reading signs and following directions
As with many big goals, the price to pay along the way can be quite steep.  Setting aside an entire day for a grueling training hike; leaving behind a lazy day at camp or a day in town for ice cream cones and playtime can seem fairly extreme, unless the ultimate goal of being prepared for the big trek is foremost in our minds.  The temptation toward taking the easier, softer way beckons; the reality of hard work doesn't always seem appealing.  But big goals have big payoffs, and big payoffs cost.

In big things and in little things, our ultimate aim should be toward reaching the ultimate goal of spending eternity in heaven with God.  May all the paths we take lead us toward heaven.
Mama mountain goat on a cliff with her young

A steep learning curve
Keep your gaze fixed on heaven.

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