Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Great Gift {Life}

Thank you, God, for my life!
Thank you, God, for the Bread of Life!

Our plans to celebrate my birthday up on Mt. Baker appear to have been rained out!
Guess I'll have to take a rain check on it...

This special book was given to me by a very sweet Scout family...
They baked fresh bread for us last week, and shared the recipe so we could re-create the amazing artisan loaves... Now we have a whole book filled with wonderful recipes to try out!

Maybe that's how we'll spend the day...baking!

I'm sure that's how my mom spent many of my birthdays... 
since my dessert of choice was (and is) always pie (lemon meringue at the top of this list).
It's humbling to think of the devotion my mom has shown me throughout my life,
showering me with love and spiritual gifts beyond measure.  She is a treasure!
I praise God for the gift of my dad, too, who worked so hard and provided so well for our family;
for his dedication to my formation and education, his assistance to the poor, and his generous spirit.

I stand in awe at the gift of my husband~ whom God set aside for me on January 28, 1968~ the day Tim and I were baptized (he in Washington, I in California).  
What a tremendous gift to know that our Lord created us for each other!

I lift up each and every life that God has blessed us with:
and our spiritual children and Godchildren...

May I never grow weary of praising God... for His ways are perfect!

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