Wednesday, January 12, 2011

11th Report {Peter's Birthday}

on the
11th day 
of 2011
Pete's 11th birthday!
A Golden Moment in time...

Let the festivities begin with rough-housing in the (kiddie) pool...
Boaz, Cameron and Connor fight for the ball.

Tim and I spent the day with Peter and all the friends who came to celebrate his birthday...
Tim even got wet, led the gang in lap swimming, and raced Joseph in a 25.

Shall we call it a tie?

Judah, Boaz, Cameron, Joseph, Peter, Tim, Enoch and Connor
...and it's on to the synchronized cannonball act (or not-so-synchronized as the case may be)!

Let's try this all together now... Yes, Cameron, you can do it!

Ready, set, go!

C'mon Cameron!

Maybe next time!

Zachary instigated a high school swim team game:  snowball fights in swimming suits!

"I said a brr chicka brr!"  This is painful!

Game time followed...

Snow play continued...
...with only one ice ball to the face (Peter's face; brother's throw)

And the grand finale:
Dessert at Webelos with the whole den and leaders to sing and celebrate!

Favorite birthday moments:
Phone call from Grandpa Pete (because we share the same birthday)
Running out into the snow in our swimming suits

Least favorite moment:
Ice ball in the face

Biggest surprise:
Ice ball in the face

Peter's top 5 gifts received:
flint & steel
hobo tool (fork/knife/spoon)
2009 World Cup Soccer Wii game
bouncy ball
Nerf battle axe

Hope for this year:
Meet Pope Benedict XVI

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