Tuesday, January 11, 2011

11 on 1-11-11

Peter's 11 today!
Little Peter, crawling into mischief

Tim holds sleeping Peter

Zac, Ryan, Canon, AJ, Shannon, Joseph and Peter celebrate Peter's 3rd birthday at the pool

Great Grandma reads to Joseph and Peter (both were blankie boys) on Peter's 3rd birthday

Peter and Grandpa Pete share a birthday, and often a party, too!
Look carefully at Joseph....

Today we're celebrating Peter's 11th birthday with friends at the pool, and in the snow...
and at Webelos in the evening.
Tim took today off, so he'll get to be a part of all the fun.

Peter's dog, Rocky, is recovering from emergency exploratory surgery, so he won't be participating in the snow play.  Rather, he's relegated to the kennel wearing the cone of shame.  Poor guy.
The results of his lab tests won't be available until later this week, but he's eating and holding down food now, which is better than he was able to do most of last week.  
Thanks again to our family vets, Uncle Craig and Aunt Bethany, for their outstanding care and overtime hours to help Rocky.

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