Friday, September 11, 2009

Who's SUE?

Last night Tim was installed in a new volunteer position in our church's men's service organization.

As each man was formally installed, his wife was called up to place the 'jewel' around his neck (indicating his new position). One by one, they all were installed, with the help of their wives, until at last it was Tim's turn.

Imagine my surprise when I heard,
"Would Tim's wife, Sue, please come forward to...."

Tim discreetly corrected the speaker ("Bridget") but at the same time I let loose with a whopping, "WHO'S SUE?"

Of course up to this point the ceremony had been very formal and serious (notice I did not say boring). But at the name mistake (& reaction) the tide of laughter could not be helped.

Rather than kiss my husband as the wives before me had done after placing the jewel, I mocked a face slap... then I kissed him.

Tim had to wear a coat & tie, and since I don't have any photos from the event last night, I'm including these priceless shots of Zac, Joseph, and Peter from June '04. The occasion was the centennial celebration of our church, at which a new altar, build by Grandpa Cliff, was blessed by Bishop Alexander in an ancient rite.

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Aileen said...

Sue...this is priceless!