Monday, September 21, 2009

Backpacking {Yellow Aster Butte}

D, Joseph and Joey atop Yellow Aster Butte
Happy camper, Joseph, with his gear in Yellow Aster Meadow
Joseph and Tim went backpacking with 2 fellow Scouts and their dads.  The weather did not cooperate, and they spent most of the time at Yellow Aster Butte in the rain and wind, with a hail storm that left the tents looking snowed upon. High winds all night made sleeping rather difficult, and even tore a fly line off the stake.
The gorgeous views from the peak, which the boys and Tim ascended on Sunday morning, were spectacular, briefly, until a very thick fog rolled in.  They were able to slip and slide on a snow field and communicate with marmots; eat tons of wild blueberries, and enjoy the satisfying feeling of living and surviving in the wilderness.
Snow play
The gear will take a few days to dry out, but the memories will last a lifetime.

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