Saturday, September 19, 2009

I've said it before, and I'll say it again... who coaches the team makes all the difference in the world!

Peter has been blessed to have the same amazing soccer coaches for the past 4+ years. His team is really coming together, making multiple passes, smart moves, and looking for openings.

It is so much fun to watch his team play together.

Today they were down one player for the whole second half, and never gave up attacking the other team's goal.
They put one in the net to win with only about 2 minutes left in the half.
VERY exciting.

Today so far:

awake at 6AM

drive to cross country bus departure at 6:40AM

6:50AM rush coffee to XC coaches before bus pulls out at 7AM

7:20AM help with final backpack/camping departure (Tim and Joseph)

7:30AM take Peter to soccer game

9:30AM home to bake cookies and make applesauce before heading out to the Harvest Festival with Peter

What a day~and it's only noon!

Thanks to soccer dad, Larry P, for the photos, taken last Saturday.

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