Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Outgoing T3 Senior Patrol Leader {Joseph's Term Ends}

Joseph prepares the troop meeting agenda one final time on election night.

Not one who clamors for the spotlight, Joseph served well as the leader of his Boy Scout troop for the past six months as the Senior Patrol Leader.  He faithfully organized the meetings and coordinated the outings, including several grand outdoor adventures.  Joseph delegated as needed and made sure all the various moving parts were in order during his half year term.  Mentored diligently by his Scoutmaster/dad, Joseph worked hard behind the scenes to make sure the events ran smoothly and the collective goals and individual requirements could be achieved.

Holding a scepter of power, soon to be passed off
Adding a touch of charm to everything, and always ready with a grin, Joseph's leadership skills blossomed during his term as SPL.  Having completing his Eagle Scout Project and rank application, Joseph will soon face the district board of review to complete the path from Life Scout to Eagle Rank.

Joseph and Connor lead the troop ASPL elections, collecting ballots to be counted in secret.
Game on!
Highlights of Joseph's term as Senior Patrol Leader:
  • Summer camp
  • Cross to Ross 50 miler
  • Aviation Merit Badge
  • Good meetings
  • Submitting Eagle Rank application
Introducing the newly elected troop leaders, Joseph prepares to hand off SPL to Connor.

"It was fun while it lasted and it's good to be done." 
~Joseph, Life Scout & outgoing Senior Patrol Leader

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