Monday, November 25, 2013

Eagle Scout Board of Review {Joseph Passed}

Troop mates Caleb and Joseph await their Eagle Scout Boards of Review.
On one hand, Joseph's formal interview for Eagle Scout Rank resembled a 'rubber stamp' experience for a job well done and completed exactly according to the prescribed formula.  

On the other hand, Joseph's Eagle Scout Board of Review included escalating levels of anxiety and a drawn out suspense-filled wait in the hallway after the lengthy interview with an unfortunate precedence nagging his memory, "The last time I had to wait this long for an answer, it was 'No.'"

Whatcom District's Eagle Coordinator gives board of review and public speaking pointers.
Joseph's Scouting career includes many highlights, including serving as Senior Patrol Leader as well as two-time patrol leader of his Burning Bullfrog Patrol.  Jettisoning his patrol to earn the prestigious National Honor Patrol (twice), Joseph's leadership and his patrol's eagerness to achieve set the bar high for Troop 3's other patrols.  Improved communication skills and self confidence blossomed from his experience as troop scribe and chaplain's aid, and various other positions of leadership along the way.  Strong bonds of friendship and healthy doses of competitive sports and group games inspired Joseph to keep suiting up and showing up throughout his years in the troop.

The community Eagle board panel passed Joseph; Mrs. Quinn was his troop witness, and Tim the proud papa.
Paddling the Bowron Lakes Canoe Circuit (twice) and hiking the 50 mile North Cascades trek Cross to Ross, along with many other Scouting adventures, Joseph certainly advanced in his leadership and survival skills in the great outdoors as well as the more mundane indoors.  Advancing in character, faithfully living the Scout Oath and Law, and maturing into a fine young man along the trails and trials, Joseph earned the highest rank in Boy Scouts.  When the official application clears the national level, it will be official and Joseph will be awarded the Rank of Eagle Scout.

Congratulations, Joseph!
Congratulations, Caleb!

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