Friday, November 8, 2013

News from Notre Dame {Zachary's 2nd Year}

Notre Dame; the Golden Dome

About this time last year,  my husband Tim arranged for a surprise return home for Zachary during Notre Dame's fall break.  Although it would have been truly awesome to have a repeat performance this year, it wasn't in the cards, so Zac spent his break week on campus getting caught up on homework and sleep.  His break from the normal university routine allowed for a few extra phone calls, which we enjoyed greatly. 

Rival football fans, Grandma Billie and Grandpa Cliff visited Zachary at Notre Dame for the Oklahoma University game in October, and proudly sat in the OU section with a crowd of supporters bussed in from Chicago for the big event.  Grandma's Sooners claimed victory, but Zachary's time with his grandparents included many other special moments that were less rivalry and more camaraderie.  Taking a long tour of campus, attending daily Mass together at the Basilica, and eating out off campus were a few of the highlights.  Grandpa's trusty camera bit the dust, and Zachary tends toward photographic minimalism, so unfortunately there are no images to share from their time together at ND. 

Autumn view from Zachary's dorm room in Knott Hall

This year, Zachary joined a few extra curricular clubs, including the Notre Dame men's boxing team.  Early season training focuses on conditioning and sound quite intense; Zachary reports icing up to five different injuries so far.  Training with punches begins soon; please consider this a prayer request.  All for a good cause, the boxing club season culminates with the fundraising event "Bengal Bouts" which supports missionary work in Bangladesh.

On the topic of sophomore year academics, Zachary reports that his philosophy class "Paradoxes" is his favorite.  Second year German studies continue, and Zac's renowned theology professor, Father Daley, S.J., is both teacher of "Conversions" class and a coach for the boxing club.

Zac's view from the stands at a ND hockey game
In six short weeks, our firstborn will return home for Christmas break and share a bit of wintery adventure and family time here in the Pacific Northwest.  Six weeks...six short weeks!

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