Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cross 2 Ross 2103 {Preparations}

Twenty four hours before C2R'13 departure, we drove to Glacier to apply for our back country permit.

Our family of 5 + 3 additional Boy Scouts from Troop 3
1 Eagle Scout (Zachary), 3 Life Scouts (Caleb, Joseph, and Judah), 2 Star Scouts (Peter and Enoch), 1 Scoutmaster  (Tim) and 1 Assistant Scoutmaster (me)

Joseph, our crew chief, made sure each crew member's daily intake added up to about 3200 calories.
High Adventure Trek called 'Cross to Ross 2013'  {C2R'13} over three mountain passes

August 18-22, 2013
4 nights + 5 days

Pre-departure equipment checks

On this 50 mile backpacking adventure, we trekked through the Mount Baker Wilderness, North Cascades National Park and Ross Lake National Recreation Area; in the far Northwest of Washington State.

Careful packing and double checking lists helps us "Be Prepared."

Silly question ~ a better question would be, "Why NOT?"
Weighing packs at departure (primarily for bragging rights)
Stopping to study up on our bear facts before departure

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