Tuesday, August 6, 2013

German Travels 'Ende'

An after Mass with the bros pose on Zachary's 19th birthday; outside Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Bellingham
After a month's stay in Munich for German studies at the Goethe Institut, and a grueling 24 hour trip home via Vancouver, BC, Zachary landed on US soil a few hours before his 19th birthday (PST).  Clean-shaven and nearly twenty pounds lighter due to a schedule that was light on cooking and heavy on walking, Zachary stepped off the adventure trail and back into life at home.

Castle view in Heidelberg, Germany
Souvenirs in tow, Zachary gifted each of us with a few treats, including sporty gear celebrating the 2013 UEFA Champions League winning soccer 'FC Bayern Munchen' football team and a beautiful Rosary from the Basilica in Munich.  So sweet.  A little board book he brought for the young cousins will likely bring many smiles; although the words are foreign, the cartoon-ish images of animals making doo will be easily understood and enjoyed without textual support.
Old jail cell for naughty students at University of Heidelberg, Germany

Castle damage from French canon ball, Heidelberg, Germany
World's largest wine cask, Heidelberg, Germany
All aboard for Zachary's 19th birthday celebration on the shores of Lake Whatcom
We showered Zac with birthday love on Sunday, celebrating his 19th birthday at a breakfast out with Grandma Billie and Grandpa Cliff after Mass, and a dinner party with the same great company +1 in the evening at their lake-front home.  Zachary shared the 50+ photos of his month abroad on Grandma's big-screen iPhoto, and his narrated slide show gave us insight into his travels and daily German experiences. 

Scheming for a return trip to Germany for a lengthier study abroad is already underway, but we are celebrating these precious days of having our family all together at home (and around) before Zac returns to Notre Dame for sophomore studies in late August.

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