Saturday, August 11, 2012

Launch Countdown {Hours 'til Departure}

Zachary composed his own packing list, checked it, re- checked it, and methodically completed his preparations for his move to Notre Dame.  With a final surge of assistance from his laundress (me), personal shopping consultant (Grandma B), and a generous tech donor (Tim), Zac filled his suitcases and wrapped up his packing with a few days to spare.

Free to enjoy his last weekend in town without fretting over material readiness,  Zachary is balancing family time (with faith formation at Faith on Fire Catholic Family Conference), and visiting friends for gaming and hanging out. 

An unfortunate incident with a hammer this week nearly claimed a chunk of Zac's index finger, so my elementary nursing skills are being put to good use.  Although he could easily dress his own wound, it's nice to have this opportunity to be his mom.

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