Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dog Tales {Charle's Surgery}

We interrupt the previously scheduled packing and preparing for Zac's departure to the University of Notre Dame, and the concurrent family drive to (& from) Indiana...

Charlie can't stop wagging or licking his injured tail.

for emergency veterinary surgery to dock Charlie's severely infected tail.

Thank goodness for Uncle Craig and Aunt Bethany {Veterinarians}, who rearranged their office schedule to make way for Charlie's urgent surgery tomorrow morning.  They also agreed to keep Charlie under careful watch during our trip should his tail surgery require follow up treatments due to his fierce wagging habits and licking tendencies.  We are so fortunate to be able to travel knowing that Charlie is in such capable and loving hands.  The family taking care of our place and pets during our travels to Notre Dame will miss Charlie's antics (most of them anyway) but be relieved of the duty of following up with possible post-surgical complications. 

Rocky jumped into the traveling kennel in (false) anticipation of joining Charlie for the ride


The timing of Charlie's urgent heath complications leaves a bit to be desired, as our trusty van is in the shop getting a few needed pre-trip safety improvements (including front brakes) at the tune of about half a mortgage payment.  Without the van, Tim loaded Charlie, kennel and all, into his good old 4Runner for the 3+ hour trip to the vets'.  Lacking a functioning power window on the driver's side makes the transaction for ferry fare a bit awkward, but if it gets him from point A to the other point A, we're in business.

Zachary bids Charlie farewell a few days earlier than originally scheduled.

With Charlie in tow, Tim hits the road at dinner time and heads for his brother's house.
Parting is such sweet sorrow... and the sudden departure of Charlie brought home (again) the reality of a string of farewells taking place in our world about now. 
It's in the air.

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