Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tree Hunting {Chop Chop Chop}

What do the following have in common?
  • cancelled naps
  • three generations
  • three vehicles
  • three cameras
  • double stroller off-roading
  • young children + sharp tools
  • hide and seek
  • candy canes for everyone 
 Tim takes the twins on a bumpy ride at the tree farm

 Joseph carefully inspects the saw blades before choosing his weapon tool of choice; 
Peter heads for the trees.

Our annual tree hunting expedition in the foothills of Mount Baker at a family owned tree farm about 30 minutes from home involved a diaper bag for the first time in who-knows-how-many years.  The twins didn't complain until their little fingers and toes started to freeze get cold.  Theirs was the least exciting role to play: being held hostage in the stroller for a four-wheeling adventure in very monotonous territory.  "Seen one evergreen tree, you've seen them all..."
Zachary and Peter circle their prey.

Unless you're a member of our family, in which case you will likely spend days deliberating over the perfect evergreen tree for the year's haul.   Joseph planned ahead and wore a second hat so he could use one for marking his favorite tree before the family vote.  Since Grandma Billie and Grandpa Cliff also hoped for the perfect tree (of smaller stature) we doubled our searching pleasure.

Joseph takes the prize.

Like any shopping isles, tree farm isles inspire the boys to run, dodge, disappear and hurdle.  Tree hunting is an athletic event, and the competition to find the perfect Christmas Advent Tree {which becomes a Christmas Tree ON Christmas} is fierce.

Peter and Joseph raced with saws to be first to attack the trunk again this year; Zachary still doesn't favor the whole seasonal killing of the trees.  Now say we were going to burn the tree...he would be the first in line.  The boys took turns on saw duty, and Tony experienced the thrill of sawing for the very first time (with close supervision).
Tim, Bridget, Zac, Peter, Joseph, Ezra... and our 2011 tree

A new athletic event was added this year: tree running.   Rather than leaving the chopped tree at the side of the lane for the tractor to haul back to the check-out area, Joseph and Peter decided to race the tractor back to home base.  Other than losing a hat in their mad dash, it all ended well.

Tree runners attempt to beat the tractor back to the base.

Home, lit, and partially decorated, our tree now has to compete with the dogs for water.  Charlie and Rocky seem to think that having a new source of hydration in the home is our early Christmas gift to them.  The lower branches are toddler-proof, the non-breakable items ready to be pulled off and played with.  Only one gift wrapped and placed under the tree so far, and it's already been mauled by an unnamed pet or small person.  The mystery continues...

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