Saturday, December 24, 2011

Countdown to Christmas

Watching and waiting for Christmas with only hours to go...
But first, we celebrated Tim's 44th birthday at his parents house.
Potato pancakes highlighted the birthday menu, thanks to Chef Grandpa Cliff and his Polish family recipe.

Tim takes a trip down memory lane, in search of old DnD books to pass along to Zac (none found); boys delight in his old school caps, pennants and rock-n-roll posters.
44 candles atop the apple crisp birthday 'cake'; the force of extinguishing the flames blew the top of the crisp away.

The highlight of our final week of Advent:
Confession and daily Mass at our home away from home, Sacred Heart Catholic Church.
Our pastor, Father Qui Thac, spent an hour before and at least an hour after each day's Mass in order to hear all the confessions... how blessed we are to have such access to this amazing, healing grace!

The wrapping continues~the gift giving bug hits hard at our house, and much extra energy goes toward clever wrapping jobs and guessing games.
Amidst Christmas preparations, university admissions deadlines loom, and a new set of SAT scores (incredible) have Zachary on his toes.  With his swim team trip to California next week, the time available for completing his college applications is running short.

~and that is a very quick take
on the night before Christmas!
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