Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Room for Improvement {Room Switch}

Tim and Peter with 'Tony,' 'Luke' & 'Leia' at bedtime

Joseph's request (greatest wish) to move Tony's toddler bed into the twins' bedroom was granted recently.  Tony hasn't been an easy roommate for Joseph and Peter these past four months: awakening many times in the night, sleep talking, sleep walking, very early rising, wet nights, wet pj's left on the carpet, curious hands grabbing special (off limits) objects, and so on.  Let's just say Joseph had come to the end of his rope and needed to reclaim his special space. 

Many years ago Joseph agreed to share his bedroom with Peter, and the beautiful handcrafted bunk bed given by Grandpa Cliff sealed the deal.  Their willingness to make room for a four year old foster brother, Tony, when he was placed with us in June truly was an act of charity and sacrifice.  Yes, ultimately we could have just forced them to accept a new roommate, but the fact that they willingly and excitedly made a space for him (Joseph even emptied a dresser drawer to share) is heartwarming.

Relocating Tony to the five and under room (formerly known as Zac's room) cleared the air and allowed a little return to normal for Joseph and Peter.  For the most part it is working out very well, and the little ones enjoy have a bigger boy in their zone.

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