Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mission Accomplished {Ezra Cooks}

Prep cooking team:
Ezra on garlic; Joseph on ginger
Ezra and the wok~ stir frying chicken

Dinner is served!

Ezra's chicken yakisoba stir-fry

It took two days to complete the project, but Ezra accomplished the required class make-up activity.  Dicing and slicing consumed all of day 1; and probably all 2.5 hours of required make-up time.  However, the teacher's instructions were to prepare a family meal, record all the ingredients and processes and provide comment cards for each person at the table.  And today, Ezra brought home the bacon, so to speak.
A delightful chicken yakisoba dinner was enjoyed by all.  Most comment cards came back with 5 stars, so clearly Ezra's meal was a crowd-pleaser.  To top it off, Ezra completely cleaned the kitchen and put away (almost) all the food.  His write-up may not win any awards for legibility, but it's evidence of a job well done.

As an aside: Tim's pretty sure Ezra won't be willingly missing any more school days at the culinary arts vocational training.

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Mary said...

Hurray for Ezra !!! That looks like a delicious dinner.It sounds like everyone really enjoyed it.