Saturday, October 22, 2011

Patrol Leader {Peter}

Peter helps Cameron light the candles at the opening of the Court of Honor

Peter and the Erupting Eagle patrol receive their merit badges and other awards from the SPL and (sub) ASPL
Peter shows Joseph the hovercraft he built with Tim and Grandpa Cliff for a patrol outing Friday night.

The first patrol leader for the newly formed Erupting Eagle Patrol, Peter's term is winding down.  Peter led the patrol for the past six months, including at summer camp.  His leadership skills have improved, as have his communication skills and phone manners. 

The highlights of his term will include earning National Honor Patrol, and building a hovercraft for a patrol outing.  The hovercraft idea has been brewing in his mind for many months, and due to Tim's genius, and willingness, the dream became a reality in Grandpa's shop.  

Like so many wild (boy) ideas, I just shake my head and think, "What in the world?"  But Tim loves a good challenge and bringing visions into actuality is one of his strong-suits.  Exhibit A: the hovercraft.

This thing MOVES!  They built two hovercrafts so that the patrol members could race and chase (and crash) on the large, smooth floor in the meeting hall.  Apparently it was a huge hit and a great time was had by all.

Go figure!

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