Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bowron Lake Canoe Circuit '11 {Day 9: Spectacle Lake to Bowron Lake via Swan Lake and Bowron River}

{and all the way home to Bellingham!}
Peter, Joseph, D, Judah, Caleb, Zachary, Tim, Isaac, Canon, AJ:
2011 Bowron Crew before departing from our final camp site
Splashing in the shallows before departure on Day 9
Like glass...
Wildlife viewing en route on Swan Lake

Peter's gondola style paddling on the Bowron River
The end in sight, Bridget and Joseph at lunch stop

This is the end!
Or is this the end?
Joseph and Judah team up to clean their canoe on the shores of Bowron Lake.

Want to see more of Day 9?

Visit the online album @ Picasa Aug 26, 2011

Glimpse of Day 9:
8:25AM: up and pretty well packed
8:35AM: nearly ready to depart on our final day of paddling
9:34AM: transition from Spectacle Lake to Swan Lake: sand bar, almost navigable (a little pushing required)
10:10AM: end of Swan Lake, entering the reedy Bowron River; loons calling constantly
10:48AM: Bowron Lake!!
11:29AM: "75 mile beach" for lunch; same spot we ate our final picnic on our 2008 Bowron trip
12:45PM: shore reached, push-up competition begins; canoes being rinsed out; Kimberly & Bridget to the ranger station to formally sign out; Ranger asks, "Are all 12 still alive?"
1:20PM: truck contents tied down; BSA uniforms back on; math project to determine whether Bowron or Philmont is "bigger"
2:19PM: paved road
3:30PM: Starbucks in Quesnel; fresh fruit at Safeway
8PM: back on the highway after burger stop
midnight-ish: HOME sweet HOME
Day 8 Quote:

Q: "What will you miss most about Bowron Lakes?"
A: "Getting up and doing something." ~ Joseph
A:  "Swimming everyday; being outside everyday" ~ Zachary
A:  "My gloves" ~ Judah (melted in the final campfire)
A:  "The outhouse.  My beard." ~ Tim

"For some reason, Philmont seemed way more 'out there'" ~ Canon

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Jeremy said...

Nice write up. I'll be doing the trip (without the scouts!) and it's good to read about other's experiences.