Friday, September 23, 2011

Bowron Lake Canoe Circuit '11 {Day 8: Rum Lake to Spectacle Lake}

 {Via Swan Lake, Cariboo Falls, Cariboo River, Babcock Creek, Babcock Lake, and Skoi Lake}
Daybreak on Rum Lake

Shades around the campfire at breakfast... fresh blueberries added to the quite ordinary oatmeal

Zac, AJ, Caleb, Judah, Peter, Canon, Joseph, Isaac & D; a morning dip
Waking up to the sunshine on our private little lake, our crew felt no reason to rush away from Rum Lake.  Joseph ran out of his tent directly to the lake and splashed in for a polar bear dip (well past dawn, but still early!).  Imagine his surprise when he discovered that the campfire was not yet lit.  A little shivering later, the campfire blazed and everyone prepared to take the plunge. 
Cariboo Falls
A wee little paddle from Rum Lake across Swan Lake landed us at the trail head to Cariboo Falls, a beautiful sight at the end of an easy hike.  Hiking is a rarity in Bowron Lake Provincial Park, and after so little real walking this past week, the "hike" was a welcome change of pace.  Unfortunately, the pace of the crew didn't match up very well, and the opportunity for a crew group photo at the falls fell through.  At least none of us fell through!  The falls were thundering tremendously, and graced by rainbows, truly a spectacular viewpoint.

Cariboo Falls

Grazing moose on Babcock Lake
Another spectacular view presented itself along the shores of Babcock Lake; a grazing moose.  We paddled slowly and paused for a lengthy wildlife viewing (& photographing) session.  Probably more of a napping session for a few of the Scouts who didn't need quite so long to take in the sight.

Reflections on Spectacle Lake
Landing at Spectacle Lake; our final campsite
Thanks to careful map reading by AJ & Kimberly, we found our final campsite without too much extra paddling.  The warm sandy beach welcomed us, and our recessed campsite was across a wooden bridge over a marsh.  With amazing weather and plenty of provisions, we didn't feel much like weary travelers on our final night's camp out.  Our work ethic surely lacked, but our relaxation and enjoyment ethics soared!
Dozing in the sand on the Spectacle Lake shore

Want to see more of Day 8?
Glimpse of Day 8:
8AM: everyone's awake, excited to see the sunshine

8:40AM: lazy breakfast with fresh blueberries in our ordinary oatmeal
9:52AM: swimming time (with bio wash)
10:40AM: morning snacks distributed; camp sweep & departure for short paddle to hike
11:11AM: arrive at Cariboo Falls trail head
12:37PM: eat lunches in canoes after hike (no crew group shot at the falls this time around)
1:47PM: portage at end of Babcock Creek to Babcock Lake
2PM: Moose viewing on Babcock Lake
2:23PM: launch into Skoi Lake (to escape the mosquitoes); one more portage to go!
2:40PM: end of Skoi Lake; begin FINAL portage!
2:56PM: into Spectacle Lake
4:17PM: find campsite on the sandy shores of Spectacle Lake; site #47; relax on the beach, eat
6PM: still playing on the gorgeous beach; hatching plans for a beach camp out
7:07PM: easy freeze dried dinner served (stew)
8:04PM: still waiting for water for clean-up (ongoing guessing games around the fire, sapping all mental energy in camp!)
8:48PM: darkness falling and still guessing (games)

Day 8 Quote:
"I saw more than the Milky Way; I saw like ten other galaxies no one has ever seen before!"
~ Isaac

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