Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bowron Lake Canoe Circuit '11 {Day 7: Lanezi Lake to Rum Lake via Cariboo River & Sandy Lake}

Paddle along colorful cliffs on Lanezi Lake
A lazy start to a long day's paddle, we took our time getting loaded and paddling on day 7.   Having rained in the night, but dry for our morning routine, we enjoyed a bit of lingering.  Canon sweetly taught Peter how to solve a slow water filter situation, while Judah accidentally knocked my coffee off the bench.  Pulled out the (generic) pop tarts as a welcome change of pace with our usual oatmeal breakfast, and some used the flame on the stove to "toast" the sweet treats.
Joseph and Isaac coasting toward the river, taking it easy after lunch

Fearless explorers, Peter and Canon navigate through the reedy channel entering Rum Lake.

Allowing steering instruction time for new anchors, the start of our paddle gave us plenty of time to grow in patience.  Two new captains attempted to steer their canoes, with varying levels of success.  The rest of the fleet dawdled along, (bored?) some offering helpful suggestions on steering styles, and others just hoping it would end soon so we could get up and go.  The level of fatigue at this late stage of the journey probably contributed to lower levels of success than fresh arms and minds may have provided.  After a time of trial and error, we re-arranged the canoes; switching up the partners a bit to allow for increased productivity with paddling.
Surrounded by delicious wild blueberries, our campsite at Rum Lake also had a variety of fungus.
A jewel of a campsite, #42 on Rum Lake was more than a sight for sore eyes (and arms).  We had the entire lake to ourselves, with mountains of firewood, and natural beauty surpassing beauty; we could have easily spent an entire week right here.  Kingfishers and dragonflies in action, bald eagles above, meadows of ripe blueberries, and no precipation~ this place could honestly be called a dream come true.  The guys jumped in the lake for refreshment and sanitization, with the cozy campfire awaiting to warm them.
Tim takes an afternoon hammock break on Rum Lake.

Kimberly collects blueberries for the crew.
Bridget, Zachary, Peter, Joseph, and Tim on the shores of Rum Lake

Crew Leader Zac; Rum Lake

Dusk falls on Rum Lake

"What do you miss the most?" Q & A around the fire netted some interesting responses:
From a perhaps overstated, "I don't miss my family at all," to a sincere, "I miss my little brother..." to showers, beds, pets, the Internet, books, music, jeans... the list of things missed was as diverse as the group of guys in our crew. 
Want to see more from Day 7?
Glimpse of Day 7:
8:45AM: coffee consumption begins (Tim & Bridget); Kimberly up since 7:15, the early riser; wet fleece pants visible on the wet ground next to an open "dry" bag outside a tent (oops)
10:09AM: breakfast over; water filtration continues; whistling, singing, cheerful camp
10:39AM: last kybo stops; canoes loaded & floating
Noon-ish: return "found" item from site #29 (part of an extra cook stove) to our bachelor friends~spotted packing up at their campsite as we paddle along Lanezi Lake; also visit their site's pit toilet while we're stopped
1:45PM: back on the water after lunch on a sandbar
3PM: drifting down the Cariboo River; beautiful, still, serene...
5PM: campfire discussions at site #42 on Rum Lake
6:40PM: Peter and Caleb prepare chicken curry & couscous; Tim in hammock
8:45PM: Tim, Bridget & Kimberly trek through the woods (one of the only 'hiking' trails on this circuit) to view the Cariboo River at sunset; final camp clean-up underway
9:30PM: light's out (for me); campfire still the center attraction

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