Monday, March 14, 2011

Shining Star {Josie}

Josie, being confirmed by Bishop Tyson, with her sponsor, Janell (Feb. 3, '11)

Our young friend, Josie, recently gave an amazing witness talk at the junior high youth rally.
Give your spiritual life a boost by listening to her inspiring words.

Joseph attended the rally, with a carload of his friends, and had a fantastic time.  The theme for this year's rally was Quest.  Joseph wrote:
The class about the Eucharist was really good.  The priest who ran the class was a good teacher because he added the history as well as ways to take the Eucharist more deeply.
 May your day be blessed!

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Little Blogger said...

Wow Josie! That was one of the most beautifully written and delivered speeches I have ever heard and to be authored by a junior high student is remarkable! What a gift she has to be able to speak those inspiring words to the other teens like that. Angus and Twi, you are amazing parents and thanks Bridget for posting this!