Friday, March 11, 2011

Defending the Unborn {Flashback Friday}

Bridget, Aileen and Molly en route to the March for Life in Washington DC, January 1983
Bridget, Molly and Peter John on the way to Washington DC to stand up for the unborn (1983).

How blessed I am to have been raised in a pro-life home!

My parents allowed us to be warriors for the unborn, and we willingly participated in the very first March for Life at our state capitol and many following.  We were also part of a group which travelled in 1983 to Washington DC to participate in the national March for Life.  What an amazing experience!
My dear friend Aileen, and her family, always leading the charge in well coordinated pro life efforts (to this day), were also on that journey. 

We delivered red roses to legislators, as a sign of our hope that they would embrace the truth about human life and stand up to defend the unborn with us.

Today Zachary stood up for the unborn, as the sole pro-life voice in his philosophy class debate.  His instructor singled him out, interrupted him, and mocked him for his pro-life position.  Classmates argued that human fetuses resemble unborn chickens and turtles.  Zachary showed them the truth; the real images of aborted or in utero babies cannot be compared to any other being but human. 

After class one of Zac's classmates said it was unfortunate to witness the instructor going after Zachary in such an unprofessional manner.  Praise God for Zachary and for everyone who will defend the defenseless and stand for those who cannot stand for themselves.


Acolythus said...

Uncle Peter looks just like Brendan and Jacob...

Miss Mixer said...

What an amazing son you have raised. I have been in those classroom situations and it is brutal. But when you KNOW the truth it only makes you stronger. The pro-life movement is lucky to have him. And isn't it ridiculous that we still have to do this!? Love the photos. God bless you all.