Thursday, April 1, 2010

Snapshots of Samuel

Meet Samuel, 6 days old today, in the arms of Maria on her birthday!

Samuel's hand inside his brother's hand (Joseph, 3)

Now that Joseph is 3, he can open his eyes and show his teeth in photos.

News Flash:
Samuel will be baptized on Easter Sunday!
What a beauty.
Congratulations again, to Janell and Alain & family.


The Gaunts said...

look at that HAIR! SO precious. I love it...thanks for sharing those precious photos!

Molly said...

That baby has more hair than I had in kindergarten! Tell the family congratulations-- I know that they went through a lot before this little miracle came along!

Sheila Hughes said...

What beautiful pictures! Such a handsome little guy with a full head of hair! Wow! Welcome to the family Little Samuel!