Thursday, April 22, 2010

Destruction with a Twist

Our ancient carpet cleaning machine bit the dust recently. 
We have had it repaired several times over the past 11 years, but this time it was deemed beyond repair. 

Problem: How to make it fit into our curbside trash bin.
Solution: Enlist the creative destructive power of Captain Demolition (aka 'Lieutenant' Zac).

I told him about his chore, and simply required that he wear eye protection.
"Yes, you can use dad's crowbar."
He chose to wear his Buy'ce ("helmet" in Mando'a, the language of the Mandalorians in Star Wars).
Like the Star Wars supercommandos, Zachary took to the task with his full force of will.

For Zachary; any ordinary event, task, chore, car ride, conversation or game can be made much more entertaining by adding levels, titles, theories, challenges, and of course, nemesis'.

The chore was completed, and the fragmented machine reposed in the yard in small bits.

The trash deposition and collection is now complete.
Off to Nerf battles and modifications.


Chris said...

*sniff* zac... this is beautiful. I wish I was there to help destroy it (read: set it on fire)

The Lieutenant said...

It was epic. It was way more Olog-hai than Mando'ad, though...

btw...I was also screaming "heretic" as i bashed its blasphemous frame to atoms.

...didn't even think of fire. hmmm...