Thursday, April 8, 2010

And now for something completely different:

Here's an update on Rocky, who was neutered about 2 weeks ago:
By vet's orders, Rocky has been confined to his kennel, save for his walks on a leash in the backyard to do his business.  He gets so excited for these short bursts of freedom, that he is like a bullet coming out of the barrel of a gun.  On one of these explosions in the backyard, Rocky severely damaged his cone of shame.  Nothing a little duct tape couldn't remedy!
As you might imagine, he has not been a happy puppy with this confinement.
He whines, barks (loudly and incessantly if the boys are playing in the house or in the backyard), moans, and makes loud crashing noises as he attempts to make himself comfortable in his cage of doom.
But thanks to the the strict confinement (and of course, the outstanding surgical skills of Uncle Craig), Rocky has healed from his incision, without any complications.
Yesterday we gathered forces, and with Zac, Joseph, Collin, and Ezra each holding a limb, I clipped and removed Rocky's stitches.
(Oh, did I forget to mention that we slipped him a little something?  Yes, we used some left-over doggie downers to help keep Rocky a bit more manageable during the suture removal process.)

Now Rocky is getting back to his normal activity level, chasing Charlie all over the house.
The fun never ends around here!

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Chris said...

"the cone of shame" good one.