Saturday, January 30, 2010


Peter and Joseph took first place (People's Choice) in the local 9th annual Knights of Columbus Chili Cook-Off today.  All week long this contest dominated their conversations... specifically, the chance to win first place.  (Last year they came home with second place.)

They plotted it all out and executed their plan with precision.  Joseph and Peter picked out 3 pounds of ground buffalo in the meat department (I would have gone for the cheaper ground beef, but no, it HAD to be buffalo!), the assorted canned beans, the chili powder (and other top secret ingredients).  They enlisted their friend, Ezra's, help with dicing and sauteing 2 onions (his vision was temporarily blurry from the tears).  Invited their friend, Jonah, to a sneak-preview taste test. 

Decided to wear wild Hawaiian shirts to the big event... 
Right down to the sides of chips & cheese, these boys had their game plan in action.
Their plans and efforts paid off, with first place in the people's choice vote.

They showed good sportsmanship to their fellow cooks, and came home very happy with their framed award.

I don't know how they got to be so competitive!



SRE said...

That is so awesome Joe and Peter! Way to go. How about you bring some of that over to our house???

Mrs. B

Michael and Kristine said...

Oh, how I miss the chili cook off!!