Tuesday, January 5, 2010

42 Today!

Yes, today is my 42nd birthday, and it's off to a great start!
We had a low-key family celebration at breakfast this morning, and after I had opened Zac's gift, a wonderful book entitled Praying With Saint Paul, Tim sent Peter to go get my camera to take a picture.
Boy was I surprised when Peter came out and took my picture (this one) with a new 300mm lens mounted on my Nikon!
Back in Zoom... one of my favorite toys (tools) EVER. 
I had a 200mm zoom lens with my trusty old film camera.  But since switching to digital, I haven't had the luxury of zoom... until now!
And as an added bonus, Zachary has a swim meet today, and a zoom lens will help bring in the action shots.
Can't wait to see the shots!  And I'm excited to see Zac swim, too.   He has 3 meets this week, so I'll be zooming away!

Another birthday blessing was the art (a crucifix) on the front of the card Joseph made for me.
And the loving energy and enthusiasm of Peter who decorated the house with Happy Birthday streamers...

I am so blessed!


Ryan O'Donnell said...

Happy Birthday, cousin!

Buhler family said...

Happy Birthday Bridget! You and my brother share the same day, it's sure a great day to be born! Aren't the forties the best!!

Angie said...

Happy B-Day.