Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Flippin' Time

Peter so wanted to learn how to flip without a spatula... he planned a family meal around it.

His desire to flip began with a new interest in fried eggs (vs. the standard scrambled eggs). 
Peter loves to cook his own eggs, and wanted to master the one-handed skillet flip without wasting eggs.
So he devised a plan:  cook pancakes for breakfast, and save one (hard) pancake just for the purpose of flipping practice.  Ingenious and thrifty, don't you think?

I suggested he put it on the calendar so he wouldn't forget, and today was the big day.
Rather than lazing in bed reading (like most mornings), Peter was up and in the kitchen cooking first thing.
He made a family batch of pancakes, and served them hot.

As soon as breakfast was over, Peter was off to his morning chores, primarily taking care of his pets. 

I found him on the front porch flippin' his practice pancake.
Needless to say, his day is off to a great start!

Closing note:  Peter announced his plans for an event next summer ~  He will charge a small admission fee for kids to come and participate in pancake flippin' games and challenges... 

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