Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's that time of year, with cross country meets dotting our calendar. The weather was great for Saturday's invite up in the Mt. Baker foothills.
Perfect running weather! Not so bad for spectators, either...
Zachary had a great race, and improved his times (again). He thought he had a bit too much energy saved up at the finish line, so perhaps he could have run harder during the race (his thoughts, not mine).
He's competing again tomorrow here in town, and again Saturday at another invite about an hour's drive from here.
Cross country running is a perfect fit for Zachary, as he can compete with a group, but primarily against his own records, trying to cut seconds off each time he goes out.

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The Gaunts said...

The Mt. Baker invitational was my FAVORITE race. I ran XC for Stanwood high school and we always went to this invitational. SO much fun! We will try to make it to Bellingham after the first of the year. Good to see you in the blog world!