Friday, October 9, 2009


Zaccurate (my dear son's nickname) could not be more... accurate!

Having him enrolled in driver's ed is like having my very own personal driver's guide along for every ride.

Here are a few actual quotes from my "DG":

"I guess that's about 12 inches." (As he leaned out his door to do a curb-to-tire distance inspection after I'd parallel parked.)

"You should really stop before the crosswalk when the lights start flashing." (I did not see any flashing lights, and expect that it would have been a brake-slamming incident had the pedestrian not waited the cautious pause for the drivers to clue in.)

"It's generally a good idea to stop before the stop line." (As I apologized to a pedestrian for pulling too far forward, blocking his easy crossing of the driveway while I awaited an opening to pull into traffic.)

"What's the speed limit here?"

"No crossing the white line!"

"Technically you should stay in the right lane unless you're passing."

"Turn signal, turn signal!!"

You get the point...

When I picked Zac up from driver's ed Monday night, I asked him how he did on his first test.

"By my standards I failed. I got an 85%! But by the course standards, I was the top score in my class."

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Carolynn said...

I LOVE IT!!! I have a child who on his 4th birthday declared, "YES! I only have 12 more years till I can drive."
It is very hard to teach someone to drive. God be with you.