Thursday, October 1, 2009

Prayer Tools
One of our favorite prayer aids is the rosary.
On it we pray with and meditate upon scripture, and remember Jesus' life, death, and resurrection.

Peter has long wanted to make his own rosary. We gave him a rosary making kit (which I put together) for Christmas, and he brought it out yesterday during what would have been Webelos meeting time.
Peter and I had the house to ourselves, since the boys were at Boy Scouts. It was a wonderful time to work together on this special project. He needed quite a bit of help at first, but as he got the hang of it, he needed less help.

After completing his rosary from the kit, he decided to make more rosaries using simple supplies found in the art closet. I wasn't sure how he would make the crucifix, but smiled to see his duct tape solution. (photos forthcoming)
He has now given away 2 of his homemade rosaries, and is making another.

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