Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What's for lunch?
On our way home from fiddle lessons today, we stopped to buy bread for sandwiches. Zachary was bemoaning the fact that white bread hadn't been on the menu recently. In so doing, he earned the job of going into the store to get the bread!
Triumphantly returning to the car with his white bread dream come true, he bragged that he could have purchased 4 loaves with the $4.
I congratulated him on his thrift, and asked him to review the nutrition facts for any sign of good healthy eating. He proceeded to read the nutrition facts out loud to us, word for word. VERY annoying.
Somewhere between dietary fiber and protein, Peter exclaimed, "STOP, you're making me SICK!"
But did Zac stop? Noooo... He read right through the vitamin content percentages, until I told him to stop.
Then Peter puked.
Thankfully we had a garbage bag within his reach, so all mess was contained.
Lesson to be learned: don't let your teenager read the nutrition facts of a loaf of white bread out loud. Or maybe: don't buy white bread at all.

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However sis Costco has a decent loaf of white bread that has at least some fiber that will satisfy the white bread craving (though still not exactly healthy)

Bridget said...

Hurl on peter!

Bridget said...