Friday, May 8, 2009

Packed to go

Joseph, Tim, Zac and I are hitting the trail this morning with Collin and his parents on a Scout outing. It's a 4 mile hike in to our campsite, through amazing old growth forests and along the shores of beautiful Baker Lake.

Joseph's first pack weigh-in showed his pack was a bit too heavy, at 26lbs. Shedding some weight (to Zac's pack) brought it down to 23lbs.

Zac's pack, now weighs 33lbs, so he decided to go ahead and pack in a standard camp chair... not very back-country-ish, but, "comfort trumps all," says Zac. (I think it shall become my early Mother's Day present!)

My pack is a bit heavier than the light load I carried last summer on our 50-miler. With my shoulder on the mend, I'm ready to pull my own weight! I have also make adjustments in the insole of my hiking boots to (hopefully) avoid the ridiculous blisters I suffered with on that trek.

Pray for our safe travels!

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