Friday, May 29, 2009

Confirmation 09
This year, Zachary (who was confirmed last year) served as the MC for the confirmation Mass.
A big responsibility, and he handled it so well.
Among his duties was training and overseeing the altar servers (2 of whom were his brothers). He was also responsible for directing the flow of the liturgy with the bishop, the priests and our deacon. What a great leadership opportunity for our 14 year old!
Peter's official role in the Mass was to hold the bishop's mitre, but after Mass he had the job of returning the crosier to the bishop. He thought that was pretty cool!
Joseph's responsibilities included washing the bishop's hands after the anointing rite and again before the Eucharistic celebration. He was also a candle-bearer in the procession/recession.
The party was in full swing at 10:30PM when we finally realized it was getting late and started for home. A great event, and so wonderful to see our youth taking on full adult membership in the Church through their sacrament of confirmation.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, confirmation with Bishop Tyson.
Congratulations to Zachary (and Joe and Peter) on a job well done! We celebrated Memorial Day Mass with him at the Calvary Cemetery in Tacoma. He dedicated the new angel statues at the shrine to unborn. It looks so much nicer next to Lucy's gravesite now.
Love you all so very much! For life and peace, Aileen