Monday, April 27, 2009

Outgoing Senior Patrol Leader
Zachary's term as senior patrol leader for his Boy Scout troop is coming to a close at the end of April. His final responsibility was to coordinate and facilitate a junior leader training for the incoming leaders and younger Scouts. Rather than the typical one-day classroom lecture style training, Zachary planned a camp-out and held the training outdoors.
The JLT took place at a private property along the river. Zachary recruited teachers from among the older Scouts, delegating which subjects each would teach the younger Scouts, using various techniques and including games like capture the flag and blindfolded tent set-up races.
At the close of the JLT, Zachary gave out the leadership patches to the incoming boy leaders. Zac gave the patch he wore as patrol leader to Joseph, who was elected as his patrol's very first patrol leader. Afterwards, he gave the formal pass of the leadership baton, or in this case Frisbee, to the next senior patrol leader. Although watching him step down from his position was a big relief in some ways, it was also bittersweet. Time flies!

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