Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Age of Ruffie
Peter visited his cousins Violet and Sawyer last week on a
5-day trip with Grandma Billie and Grandpa Cliff.
The visit coincided with the grand opening of Uncle Dr. Craig and Aunt Dr. Bethany's vet clinic.
Peter spent lots of time reading to his cousins and playing with them, enjoying the role of oldest. Unfortunately, someone forgot how old he really is, and let him stay up past 10:30 one night! Somehow he survived.
His only hesitation in going away on the long trip was that he didn't want to miss Stations of the Cross on Friday night. His Godmother, my Aunt Sue (also my Godmother, who lives near the cousins) was able to solve that problem. She and Peter went together to Stations, while Cliff and Billie were putting the younger cousins to bed.
A highlight of Peter's time with Sawyer was teaching him the traditional guys' game (made up at our house) called ruffie. All boys love ruffie! Running, chasing, getting caught, carried, and thrown down... on a soft landing... What's not to love? There's even some chanting and (clean) trash talking involved when ruffie's on.
When the boys play ruffie at our house, I hide out.

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