Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Arrives!

1~After processing in from the Easter Vigil bonfire by candlelight, and after 7 Old Testament covenant readings, MC Zachary gives light from the Pascal Candle (lit at the fire) to Joseph and Peter who then lit the altar candles before the proclamation of the Epistle reading and the Gospel reading.
2~Ready for the recessional (going out at the end of the 3 hour Easter Vigil Mass), Zachary grins with a job well done. He served as the MC for the Easter Vigil, Good Friday and Holy Thursday liturgies. Quite an honor for any young man, but especially for one his age (14). We are proud parents and feel humbled and very blessed by his willingness to serve and share his time and talents at church.

3~Zachary prepares the altar for the Eucharistic celebration at Mass on Easter morning. He recently completed training to become an acolyte (a step above altar server, with more responsibilities) and began on Easter day.

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