Monday, March 9, 2009

Winter Scout
Zachary spent the night up on the mountain Saturday/Sunday with a group of Scouts and leaders. Plan A was to dig out snow caves & inhabit them overnight, but Plan B was in effect due to various assorted weather related reasons... which meant tent camping on the snow.
They did dig out a cave just for fun during the day on Saturday.
While Zac was taking a short break from digging the cave he looked up and saw Tim skiing by, with Joseph not far behind. Of course Zac knew Tim and Joseph would be on the mountain skiing, but neither knew where the other would be at any given time, so their chance meeting was a blessing.
Tim and Joseph took off their skis and spent some time visiting the troop's campsite. Joseph had a chance to sled with his friends and would have stayed much longer if Tim hadn't started losing feeling in his fingers & toes! Off they went, to try to revive Tim's frozen digits!
Zac and the snow campers were treated to meals prepared for them by adults, a special exception to the norm. Zac thinks he may have gotten about 2 hours sleep, and found the tent sleeping to be much colder than the snow cave sleeping of years past.
As for me, I'm happy to see the photos and hear the stories... snow camping is just not something I long to do anytime soon!

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