Thursday, March 12, 2009

Prayers by Peter

A few months back, our priest suggested we each keep a prayer journal as a way to record special prayers and inspirations from our prayer & reflection.

The other day Peter decided to write a new Lenten prayer in his journal. When he showed it to me, he flipped back a few pages and had me re-read the apology/prayer he wrote for me back in September.

I was so touched (again) by his simple, loving words that I decided to share it. I copied the words below (with spelling errors corrected for ease of reading):

Loving, thoughtful, giving, prayerful, taxi,
Dear Mom,
Sorry for acting up.
You're great!
I love you.
God bless you.
Love Peter
Dear Mom, Love is great and you have lots of it.
Thoughtful~ you make sure we're fed healthy food.
Giving~ you give us pets and home and food.
Prayerful~ you're a devoted mom.
Taxi~ you take me all over the place.
Love Peter

During this Lent
Let me bring your love,
Let me know your peace,
Let me know no evil.

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