Monday, March 16, 2009


The Pinewood Derby is by all accounts, the highlight of the Cub Scout year.

This year's Pinewood Derby held all the excitement and nerve-racking anticipation that one could possibly hope for.

Great competition at this year's event meant that Peter's car placed in about the middle of the pack. That should have been cause for celebration... but somehow Peter was born with an extra 'competitor' gene. This means that at this year's race, Peter was given an opportunity for character building, which is a positive side effect of a negative experience if handled properly. I did have to ask him not to blame the judges for secretly sabotaging his car while it was under lock-up in the impound lot prior to race time. Conspiracy theories are so attractive sometimes!!

The car-creation with Grandpa Cliff has become quite a tradition in our family. The cars are really something special as they signify the bonds of 3-generations of Scouts coming together for this age-old "do your best" race.

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